Being placed in motion.  There is comfort in motion, in the words of motion.  Dill is a word in motion; sauté is a word in motion; bones is a word in motion.  In motion; calm.  In motion; stillness; in motion, a single leaf falling from a tree swirls and catches an eye like an apple on a branch or a spider between sideview mirrors; unnecessary; present; essential.  Emotion in motion; transient visitors in transit.  All don’t stop; all don’t go; halfway between point A and point B, I’m gone; particles cooperating, feet to pavement, elbow past hip, knees alternating forward.  All absorbed through constant pedal shock; through rhythm.  Motion is rhythm is constant is present. Placed in motion in rhythm in constant in present.  There is little distinction between being and having; being in and being a part of; being apart of.  How much space can and can’t there be amidst?



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