On leaving the house on a Monday morning

Overslept (slightly).  Decided to increase overall efficiency by packing work clothes to change into after running with friend, eliminating need to return home.  Found shit on running shoes.  Noted to self to definitely remember to bring other (non-shitty) shoes.  Promptly forgot other (non-shitty) shoes.  Missed friend.  Ran alone.  Executive decision made to return home to recombobulate.  Dropped cell phone in outdoor garbage while attempting to throw away other trash from car in (futile; failed) attempt to further simplify, de-clutter life spaces.  Swore.  Retrieved cell phone.  Cleaned cell phone.  Showered.  Coffeed.  Breakfasted.  Found schoolwork on table.  Re-packed bag.  During second attempt to leave apartment, found note from neighbor regarding possible gas leak in apartment.  Called gas company.  Gas company guy arrived, gas leak (minor) found and fixed.  Third attempt to leave thwarted by last-minute decision to pack lunch.  Packed lunch.  Fourth attempt – successful (though humbled) departure via bicycle.

Conclusion: for such an (inherently) early riser, I am not much of a (functional) morning person.

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